Regardless of the size of your job we have the product to suit your needs. From heavy tonnage mining hauls to all your building, construction and landscaping needs, if you need to move earth to get the job done, we can help.

Complementing our huge range of equipment is a wide array of technology systems developed to help you monitor your machines, achieve higher productivity and increase efficiency.

Our current plant list is listed below:


We have several of some sizes – 5.5T and 13.5T

  • 0.9T Airman Excavator
  • 3T Hitachi Excavator
  • 3.5T Hitachi Excavator
  • 5T Hitachi Excavator
  • 5.5T Hitachi Excavator
  • 12T Hitachi Excavator
  • 13.5T Hitachi Excavator
  • 22.8T Komatsu Excavator

Excavator Attachments

  • Rock Breakers (Hammers)
  • Hydraulic Grabs
  • Compaction Wheels 13.5T


We have several PT60

  • RC30 Mine Spec
  • RC50 Mine Spec
  • Terex PT60
  • CAT299

Positrack Attachments

  • Brooms
  • Spreader Bars
  • Rollers
  • Bomag 12T Smooth Drum Roller
  • Bomag 12T Padfoot Roller
  • CC10 Twin Drum Roller


  • John Deere Grader


  • D6 Dozer

Off Road Mini Articulated Dump Trucks

Conditional Rego, we have 4

  • Hydrema ES192 Mini Articulated Dump Trucks

Dump Trucks

Road Registered, we have several

  • 6 Wheeler Tip Trucks

Water Carts

  • 8000 Litre Water Cart
  • 10000 Litre Water Cart

Global positioning systems (GPS) are also available with our machinery.