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Construction jobs of any size need heavy equipment to operate effectively. From residential projects to large-scale civil or commercial projects, any construction venture would not progress efficiently without the use of heavy machinery. There is a broad range of machines and earthmoving equipment that excavate and grade soil. These not only speed up the earthworks tasks, but they also handle demolitions, materials, and site construction.

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What are the major types of heavy equipment used in earthworks?

There are several types of equipment involved in earthmoving and structural landscaping. Here are some of the major types of heavy equipment every dependable company must have:


Excavators are huge construction equipment that operators can drive through tracks or wheels. A normal excavator has a long bucket arm attached to a pivoting cab. This can rotate to a full 350 degrees. In this type of equipment, the operator will sit on the cab to have good site visibility.

Skilled excavators can do several tasks with this heavy equipment. Some of these include:

Civil Equipment » solmer civil equipments
Civil Equipment » solmer civil equipments
Civil Equipment » solmer civil equipments
Civil Equipment » solmer civil equipments

Backhoe Loaders

This equipment looks similar to a farm tractor. It also includes a small bucket and an adjustable shovel. Backhoes can move dirt, dig holes and trenches, backfill excavations, and place materials like pipes in their proper area.


This is one of the most reliable heavy equipment in the construction industry. This machine can move dirt along open tracks of land. It has a flat and wide blade in front that can be moved around to push piles of the earth for rough or fine grading. One of its uses also includes crushing large boulders.

Skid-Steer Loaders

This type of machine is a nimble equipment that can turn within its own footprint. This makes it ideal for work in confined spaces. People use this equipment to perform drilling, digging, compacting, snow blowing, log grappling, and jack-hammering, among others.

Motor Graders

This heavy equipment is used for moving small amounts of dirt and fine grading. Its long blade is adjusted to meet certain angles, creating flat surfaces. Most operators use this to fine-grade gravel or dirt roads or to prepare the base of the road before asphalt placement.

Apart from these types of equipment, there are other heavy to medium-sized machines that operators use for their earthwork projects. These include crawler loaders, trenchers, scrapers, and dump trucks.

Civil Equipment » solmer civil equipments

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